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What factors have lowered the ranking of your website? These eight SEO optimization problems may be the “culprit”?

  1. What factors have lowered the ranking of your website? These eight SEO optimization problems may be the “culprit”?

What factors have lowered the ranking of your website? These eight SEO optimization problems may be the “culprit”?

 what factors have lowered the ranking of your website? These eight SEO optimization problems may be the

the important aspect of SEO is the technical infrastructure of the website, which is related to the accessibility of the website and the web content required for the website to be indexed. The condition of technical SEO determines the condition of your website.

for example, if your website is invisible, unsafe or loading speed is too slow, search engines may skip your website when selecting the website that gets the ranking in natural search results. Technical SEO Be able to reveal the reasons for poor ranking and provide suggestions to solve problems. Technical SEO problems can be divided into the following 8 categories

1. Crawleability and website structure

when crawlers crawl your website, can they find text and effectively grab links

if the crawler encounters code that cannot be crawled, such as prohibition instructions or code snippets, it cannot access the content linked to your website on this page. For example, if an e-commerce website links to its product using a link code that is not captured by a crawler, the product page will not be captured

this crawling property determines the performance of all natural searches. Unable to crawl means there is no index, which in turn means there is no ranking and natural search traffic

2. Index and duplicate content

when a crawler grabs your website, the text content on each page needs to be indexable

some forms of code and media files make the content on the crawled web page invisible to the search engine. For example, visitors can read words embedded in the title in the image, but search engines have not yet used text recognition. They cannot detect the words embedded in the image, which will lead to the loss of relevance of the content because these words are not indexable

in other cases, too much content is indexed because the platform of the website generates multiple pages with the same content and multiple URLs. Then, the search engine department needs to sort out to determine which pages are important and which pages are just duplicate content

these two situations are very common, but there are many different factors that will affect the crawleability or indexability of the site

3. Server header status and error

whenever the user agent requests a web page from the server, it will return a response code. The 404 “file not found” error code encountered when accessing an invalid URL is a well-known error among these response codes

search engines use these response codes to determine whether to index content and which pages to rank. The server response code prompts the search engine for specific behavior. For example, the 404 code prompts the engine to delete a URL from its index

4, mobile priority index and mobile friendliness

more than half of Google’s global searches are carried out on mobile devices. Therefore, Google will improve the ranking of mobile device friendly websites to provide searchers with a good mobile experience

in addition, Google is transforming its global index into classifying mobile versions of pages, rather than its traditional desktop preferences. This means that many websites are ranked according to their mobile versions. These rankings usually delete some elements of the navigation, content or the whole part of the website, resulting in crawling and indexing problems

5. Website loading speed

the loading speed of the website will also affect your ranking. The pages loaded quickly will rank higher on Google

since the loading speed of pages using different templates may vary greatly, the ranking improvement is mainly for each keyword on each web page. For example, your product page may load quickly, while the store’s home page may load very slowly

6.、 HTTPS website security

security is also one of the factors that Google attaches great importance to. Websites securely hosted using HTTPS rank higher. It is important to note that all elements of the page need to be securely hosted, whether images or third-party tracking code

7. SEO

websites operating in multiple countries / regions also face some technical SEO challenges. Google and Bing use different methods to annotate the location of each page. Google uses hreflang tags, while Bing uses meta tags, a simpler content language

the ability to allow visitors to switch between the country and language versions of the website can also cause SEO problems. Some coding methods used to develop these functions cannot be captured by search engines using cookies or some form of JavaScript pop-up window. The result may be that the natural traffic ranking of the site in this country / region is reduced or does not exist, and it cannot bring self recognized traffic

8. Using schema

technology, SEO also recommends using schema to enable Google’s rich web page summary and other search result page functions. Inserting specific code around specific types of information helps improve readability and understanding, making Google more likely to display this information in search results

for example, when you search for recipes and ingredients, pictures or cooking times, this is structured data at work. Sites with rich summaries place structured data around the information visible on the page in the page template

however, all technical SEO problems can be solved, which requires the help of developers. However, taking time to optimize technical SEO often has a greater impact on natural search results, because technical SEO usually affects multiple pages

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